Management Consulting

Red2Green supports entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs, as well as of subsidiaries and branches of multinational groups, to design and implement:

  • business plans for restructuring and/or reorganization;
  • systems and models for administration and management control;
  • planning activities of financial flows and cash management;
  • systems and models for budgeting and reporting;
  • extraordinary operations and investments evaluation;
  • financial and capital structure, negotiation with financial partners and investors.

Change management

By taking on key roles inside your company, Red2Green helps you tackle change or transition towards new goals if you don’t have the right professionals to properly manage and successfully conclude such an important development.

Planning, management control and financial flow

Red2Green supports your company in defining, preparing and implementing specific models for:

  • planning and controlling activities with particular reference to economic, financial and assets-related aspects.
  • cash and financial flow management, capital structure control, interaction with the banking system and the other investors and lenders.

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