Transition management

Red2Green offers executives with proven experience in supporting SMEs as well as subsidiaries and branches of multinational groups in their reorganization, change and modernization process by enhancing their income, capital and financial performances.

Especially in turnaround projects, managers from Red2Green take an active part in the process, directly assuming top management roles in the definition and implementation of restructuring.

Transition management for reorganization: how we work

  • We help you and your management identify strategic, operational and managerial issues;
  • We support you in analyzing your company business area and aligning organizational structure consistently with sales, productive and financial goals;
  • We take part in the effective and efficient implementation of the solutions required to improve the performance and/or lead the transformation of your organization;
  • We ensure the effectiveness of the action plans checking their assimilation by your teams;
  • We optimize the cash generation through financial flow planning and working capital optimization;
  • We assess staff adequacy and we start structural, general and administrative costs reduction processes.

Turnaround for restructuring: how we work

  • We analyze and redefine business areas and models by means of:
    • Strategic diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses;
    • Identification of critical issues;
    • Development of turnaround strategies.
    • Implementation of corrective measures and improvement actions.
  • We produce estimated financial information, thanks to:
    • Drawing-up of a business plan;
    • Cash flow forecasting and cash management;
    • Elaboration of financial and capital structure;
    • Diversification of financial instruments;
    • Working capital management;
    • Mediating with banks and investors.
  • We establish and make the organizational and operational structure operative by:
    • Identifying and maximizing skills;
    • Rationalizing staff and structure;
    • Directly assuming key management roles (CEO, CRO, CFO).
  • We carry out extraordinary operations, such as:
    • Sale of business sectors and/or financial stakes;
    • Split-offs and capital injections.

Company restructuring and reorganization

Red2Green offers managerial and operational support to restructure (“turnaround”) or reorganize (“transition”) the company in serious difficulty, which needs redesigning in order to quickly recover a sound economic and financial balance.

Change management

By taking on key roles inside your company, Red2Green helps you tackle change or transition towards new goals if you don’t have the right professionals to properly manage and successfully conclude such an important development.

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