Change management

When the company has to evolve and improve

Our managers are accomplished executives with unrivalled expertise and experience in company direct management and key roles.
The passwords are: experience and expertise.

Becoming a “change specialist” cannot be improvised. Apart from the specific skills and experience, you need to be able to:

  • analyze, develop solutions and then deliver on time and within budget,
  • ensure the professional growth of internal resources,
  • lead a team,
  • coordinate the work of several functions,
  • motivate the staff towards change
  • manage conflict.

Market challenges can be enormous and it is not always easy to see and deal with the need for change in a company. Apart from the strong instability that can influence your structure and organization, you may not have the right team to overcome the challenge.

Our strengths

Red2Green offers you a team of executives with relevant experience and able to hold top and high-level management assignments (CEO, GM, CFO, CRO), directly taking managerial and organizational responsibilities and helping, meanwhile, the growth of high potential professionals who will eventually take on their roles and functions.

Our managers agree and share the targets with the entrepreneur and the management, they are personally engaged in achieving the goals, as well as in creating an operational structure and a management system which can go on autonomously once their assignment is over.

Situations can be demanding and may require cost reduction and staff restructuring. External professionals can deal with them more effectively because they are not directly involved in the previous management and they are equipped with skills and experience to effectively implement change. They also enjoy external credibility most of all with banks and suppliers.

Transition management

Red2Green steps into top management and coordination key roles to design and implement restructuring and reorganization plans. We review your business models, redefine your organizational structure, as well as your managerial approach and operational procedures.

Operational management

Red2Green takes on the leading role of your department in order to improve its management and its performances concerning administration-finance- management control, operations and supply-chain, human resources, and sales.

Management Consulting

Red2Green supports entrepreneurs and managers in defining and drawing up operational models for: administration activities, planning and management control, financial flows management, investment evaluation

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