Company restructuring and reorganization

The state of crisis and the need to rethink the company

In a restructuring intervention Red2Green undertakes directly primary roles in management and coordination in order to apply and implement the action plans defined and agreed upon with entrepreneurs and shareholders.

In a reorganization intervention Red2Green provides the company with “transition” managers that will help you:

  • revise business models;
  • redefine your organizational structure;
  • change managerial and operational approach.

Our strengths

The need to devise a new organization, a new business model, as well as new markets and products, is often perceived by the company only in a full-blown crisis.

The ability to promptly spot its causes, define an effective recovery plan and rapidly carry it out, are key factors for the management and the success of a company re-launch.

Red2Green helps you identify your critical issues, redefine your targets, as well as implement managerial and operational effective solutions, with a focus on:

  • market development
  • business repositioning
  • processes reorganization
  • running and structural costs optimization
  • investment evaluation
  • financial planning
  • acquisitions and integrations

The intervention steps

Restructuring and reorganization consist of five operational steps.

  • Step 1 – Critical analysis of the current situation
    Firstly we work alongside you to analyze strategies, business areas and models, to assess sales as well as the industrial, capital and financial structure, and to identify operational and organizational issues.
  • Step 3 – Analysis of financial sustainability
    Thirdly, we focus on the assessment of the required financial resources by drawing up a business plan, forecasting cash flow, developing the financial and capital structure and evaluating the working capital. In this step we also act as mediators between you and the main finance-related external parties: banks, suppliers and clients.
  • Step 4 – Implementation of solutions
    Then we guide you through the restructuring endeavors according to the previously defined plan. We work out staff-scheduling plans and adopt its safeguard instruments, we reduce structural, general and administrative cost and start any possible extraordinary transactions completing the intervention plan: sale of business sectors and/or financial stakes, spilt-offs, capital injections.
  • Fase 5 – Consolidation
    Finally, we make sure the information tools are effective by checking their assimilation by your team. This way the team itself can guarantee that the changes delivered have a lasting legacy.

Transition management

Red2Green steps into top management and coordination key roles to design and implement restructuring and reorganization plans. We review your business models, redefine your organizational structure, as well as your managerial approach and operational procedures.

Operational management

Red2Green takes on the leading role of your department in order to improve its management and its performances concerning administration-finance- management control, operations and supply-chain, human resources, and sales.

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