Planning, management control and financial flow

The need for a business management which is attentive, aware and preventive

The recent long economic crisis has been affecting firms considerably. Overcoming market problems, providing financial support to companies and ensuring the employment rate are current issues.

The availability of updated and well-structured management, economic and financial information, together with the ability to simulate the development of possible operational scenarios, is crucial and enables companies to knowingly decide what to do – whether undertake the necessary and timely corrective actions, react and withstand difficulties, or even turn problems into new business opportunities.

Our strengths

Red2Green follows typical “managerial” approach and puts interim managers in place to help clients with strategic needs, to support the operational structure of the company, to combine consulting with managerial skills in order to provide clear, timely and practical answers to your needs.

The professionals of Red2Green are personally “in place” at every stage of the assignment: design, implementation, consolidation.

Upon your request, our executives can take on management roles in the company to better monitor the most sensitive and delicate areas in terms of relevance for the achievement of the project goals and results.

With an eye to both cost and time, Red2Green helps companies set and start tailored, simple and pragmatic models for information processing. The purpose is to process the most suitable information to support and steer the strategic and operational management of the company, as well as to manage the related economic, capital and financial aspects, to smooth the interaction between the various functions and to make communication with external entities more effective, starting from the banking system and investors in general.

The intervention steps

There are four operational steps leading the company to develop its own planning and management control model, together with its own system for cash-flow forecasting and cash management.

  • Step 2 – Development of guidelines for information management
    Secondly, we focus on the identification of the “sets” of information which can help the strategic and operational actions solve the issues. We also provide means and ways to process and use this information, always taking into careful consideration cost and time required.
  • Step 3 – Implementation of solutions
    Then we lead and test the implementation of the information tools previously defined and agreed, so as to lead and improve the management and the “performance” of the related functions: administration-finance-management control, operations and supply chain, human resources, sales, etc.
  • Step 4 – Consolidation
    Finally, we make sure the information tools are effective by checking their assimilation by your team. This way the team itself can guarantee that the changes delivered have a lasting legacy.

Operational management

Red2Green takes on the leading role of your department in order to improve its management and its performances concerning administration-finance- management control, operations and supply-chain, human resources, and sales.

Management Consulting

Red2Green supports entrepreneurs and managers in defining and drawing up operational models for: administration activities, planning and management control, financial flows management, investment evaluation

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